East Coast Aerial Dance Competitions

    Sept 4th 2021
    Lawson Field Theatre, Gisborne, New Zealand

    Aerial Silk and Lyra Competition
    All Ages

    Aerial Silk Workshops with adjudicator Rochelle Brophy the following morning Sunday Sept 5th.

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    Entries open May 1st- June 31st

    General Information

    The competition will be held at Lawson Field Theatre, Gisborne, at 1pm on 4/9/2021
    The entry fee is $25 per item, and $10 admin fee per performer.
    Performers may enter more than one division or section.
    Spectator tickets are $10 for an adult, $5 for a child (School age).
    The Aerial Silk will have 6m of visible performance space, hanging from a 7m rigging point.
    A swivel will be attached to both the lyra and silks.
    A 40cm Crash mat is compulsory for all Aerial Silk artists in the junior, intermediate and senior section. This will also be available for lyra and adult aerial silk artists on request.
    A firm 5cm mat is compulsory for all Lyra artists in the junior, intermediate and senior sections, unless already choosing to use a 40cm mat. This is also available to adult aerialists on request.
    A judges report will be available for performers after the prizegiving.
    Lyra performers must bring their own lyra, which must be tagged with the performers name. Lyra’s may be shared between performers.
    A single rigging point will be available, if using a double tab lyra, the appropriate spreader etc must already be attached.
    The competition requires a minimum of 15 competitor entries to go ahead.
    A first aider will be available onsite at all times.
    Aerialists will be given a run through time on the morning of sept 4th, prior to the competition.


    Courtesy of X-pole we have one Lyra and one Aerial Silk up for grabs! These will be awarded at the judges discretion to the competitor in each division with the most potential aged 16+ across all sections.

    Trophies will also be awarded where they have been donated for each section. These trophies are to be engraved with the winners name and year, and returned for use the following year.


    Competitors may enter multiple divisions, and repeat a performance in both the open and restricted sections.

    Open Solo Silks: (amateur only)
    Junior- Under 10 years
    Intermediate- 10-14 years (Dynamic Rehab Trophy)
    Senior- 15-19 years
    Adult- 20+ years

    Open Solo Lyra: (amateur only)
    Junior- Under 10 years
    Intermediate- 10-14 years
    Senior- 15-19 years
    Adult- 20+ years

    Restricted Solo Silks (Must not have won an aerial silks competition before):
    Junior- Under 12 Years (On Pointe Dance Company Trophy)
    Senior- 13-17 Years
    Adults- 18+

    Restricted Solo Lyra (Must not have won a Lyra competition before):
    Junior- Under 12 Years
    Senior- 13-17 Years
    Adults- 18+

    Duo Silks (One Silk):
    Junior- Under 12 Years
    Senior- 13-17 Years
    Adults- 18+

    Duo Lyra (One Lyra):
    Junior- Under 12 Years
    Senior- 13-17 Years
    Adults- 18+

    Professional Any Age (Has been paid to perform on the apparatus in the last 12 months)
    Solo Silks
    Solo Lyra

    About the Adjudicator

    Rochelle Brophy

    Rochelle's background is in dance, starting at the age of 3 years old, training full-time in ballet, then working professionally as a dancer, then as an aerialist. For over twenty five years she has worked internationally in such shows as Blackpool Tower and the Moscow Circus, as well as in festivals, casinos, clubs, and theatres around the world.

    Before arriving in Dunedin, New Zealand, Rochelle was the director of Brophy Aerial Studios situated in Gosford, Australia. The aerial training school catered to over 150 private students. As well as being a training school, Brophy Aerials became a successful production company, presenting its own shows. Once the students reached the required standard they could audition for Brophy Productions, enabling them to work professionally. Many former students are now employed professionally in the entertainment industry throughout the world.

    For the past nine years Brophy Aerials has been based in Otepoti/Dunedin.

    Approximate Schedule

    Estimated and subject to change. Please arrive early in case of changes of plan.

    Sat Sept 4th- Lawson Field Theatre
    9am- Safety Induction
    All Coaches, and Parents should attend this. Students are encouraged to attend. Here we will go over the rigging points, load limits etc. Waivers are to be signed by students parents acknowledging they have been shown this.
    9:30am- Silks Free Time
    Students can get a feel for the silk. test anything they wish to.
    10am - Silk Scheduled Practice times
    5 mins per student. Individual times to be advised. Students from the same studio or club will be scheduled back to back for coach convenience.

    11:30am- Lyra Scheduled Practice
    10 mins per student, includes Lyra change time. Students from the same studio or club will be scheduled back to back for coach convenience.

    1pm- Competition Start
    Lyra Division
    Silks Division
    Results and Prizegiving.

    Sunday Sept 5th- Workshops
    Gisborne Gymnastics Club, Aberdeen Rd
    $20 per student
    9am- Beginner Workshop (Minimum skill: must have in air straddle and some basic slack drops)
    10:30am- Intermediate Workshop (Minimum skill: able to perform 5 straddles in a row, have knowledge of 360, tik tok and similar drops)
    12pm-Advanced Workshop (Minimum skill: able to perform 10 Straddles in a row, have knowledge of complex drops and be able to do splits)


    Routines have a limit of 4 minutes long for juniors, and 5 minutes long for all others. There is no minimum routine length.
    Music must be submitted by August 1st.
    Aerialists may repeat the same routine in the open and restricted sections.
    The judges decision is final. Once announced, no correspondence will be entered into.
    It is forbidden to correspond with the judge prior to, or during the competition.
    No aerialist may compete if they have been taught regularly by the judge in the last 2 years.
    Performers are responsible for being present for their allotted rehearsal time, and for their allotted performance time. If you miss your performance time, you may be disqualified.
    Performers may have one parent, guardian or support person backstage with them, but must purchase a pass if they wish to enter the auditorium. This can be upgraded for a small fee on the entry form.
    Competitors will be issued with an all access pass.
    Coaches are allowed backstage, and will be given a complementary pass to the auditorium.
    Anyone who is determined to be unsafe by the organising committee will not be permitted to perform.
    The organising committee reserve the right to combine age categories due to entry numbers.
    Knot work is allowed on the aerial silks.
    All aerialists must have a coach, mentor or parent/guardian side stage, ready to intervene for safety reasons if necessary.
    No jewelry is to be worn (stud or sleeper earrings are an exception)
    Costumes must not have any zips, buttons or other elements that might damage the apparatus or pose a safety issue. This is at the discretion of the organizing committee.
    Competitors must be associated with an aerial school, studio or club and name the club on their entry form. No self taught students will be accepted. Professional competitors are exempt from this.

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    While we welcome sponsorship of any amount, here are our standard sponsorship packages.

    Major Sponsor:
    Maximum 8 businesses.
    Help cover the costs of the judge, and theatre hire.
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    Receive recognition on all our social media.
    Your logo and a link to your website featured on our website.
    Your logo/advertisement featured in our programme.
    Verbal recognition and shout out by our MC during the event.
    Includes 2 free adult tickets and a programme.
    Cost: $200

    Trophy Sponsorship:
    Donate a trophy for presentation to the winner of a section. You choose the name of the trophy, which can be your business name or any other name. You may also present the trophy yourself during the prizegiving, or have a representative of your company present it. The donated trophy will be reused and re-presented for many years to come.
    Includes one free adult ticket and a programme.
    Cost: Varies from $30-100 depending on the choice of trophy.

    Prize Sponsorship:
    Sponsor a cash prize, voucher or product as a prize for the winner of each section. You will receive acknowledgment during the presentation and this is a great chance to gain exposure for your product.
    Includes one free adult ticket and programme.
    Cost: Varies depending on donated item.

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